Monday 30 September 2013


My parents gave Joaquin this police car last christmas so I thought, wouldn't it be cool to have a gas station too? I enjoy doing DiY projects, it challenges me to be resourceful and creative not to mention it's inexpensive!

We have a lot of boxes in our house from Joaquin's diapers and formulas (we like to buy by bulk, less trips to the grocery which saves us gas and bulk items are cheaper too!)

Everything I used for this project can be found at home (if you're the kind of person who stack boxes, wrappers, papers, etc.)

I would love to do the art attack style but I find it a bit messy plus I don't have the glue paste, paint brush and paint but I do have tons of cartolinas from way back high school. Yup! those cartolinas are older than Joaquin! :) 

Here's what I did:
I decided to just wrap the bigger box with a red wrapping paper I found lying around our living room and the smaller box with yellow cartolina. 

These cut-out details was made with construction paper, any colored paper will so or you can just draw then color.

I still need a silver or white ink marker so I can write the "$" and "gallons" over the black paper, a correction fluid will do I just don't have it at the moment :)

For the nozzle, you'll just need the spray of the bottle spray, and I used the handle from a paper bag for where you can hang the nozzle. Tada!!!

I also need a hose for the nozzle to be more realistic, but Joaquin was fine with it :)

Kids of Joaquin's age wouldn't mind if they play with a toy you made or toys that are old, as long as they are having fun with it is all that matters to them. So instead of buying expensive toys for our little monster, might as well save it for his tuition ;)

Try to make play kitchen cardboard too click here to see how. by Other Things Under The Sun

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